I’ve been gone & I’m terribly sorry…

Hey y’all ! I’ve been slacking on this page for so long & I’m so sorry !I haven’t been slacking on my healthy lifestyle so I hope you guys haven’t either. How is everyone ?! I think I’ll be looking for somebody to help me run this page & improve it somewhat so if you’re interested then just hit my ask ! Hope to hear from some :)

Hey everybody !

I am back ! I am SOOOO sorry for neglecting this page. I know it was a great form of entertainment for a lot of you. I feel HORRIBLE for neglecting my followers. I have been going through a lot which has also caused me to neglect my healthy lifestyle, but I am feeling better & working on a fresh start. I will start updating as soon as tonight. I will also be looking through your submissions & posting those as well. Thank you for being patient with me. I love you all !

- Victoria :)

t-omakeyousmile-deactivated2012 asked:
dude i'm from NorCal too! love your blog btw :)

Wudduppp giiirl ? Which part ?

Thanksss :}

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